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A Chrysoberyl that ranges in color from bluish green, orange red, and purple to purplish red, Alexandrite is one of the most valuable and finest to gemstone. One of the most amazing things about Alexandrite is the way the finest of the gemstones will change color from green in daylight to red in incandescent light at night. It is the only Chrysoberyl to do so.

First discovered in 1831 in the mining area of the Ural Mountains in Russia, Alexandrite made its appearance on Alexander II of Russia’s birthday. The Tsar was honored with having the new gemstone named after him, very fitting as the colors of the Russian Imperial Guard were green and red. While the finest Alexandrites are found in the Ural Mountains still to this day, smaller gemstones have been found in Brazil and Zimbabwe.

Alexandrite increases creativity making it a wonderful stone for all kinds of artists by helping with concentration and finalizing ideas. At night when red, it is good for promoting sensual and loving feelings, while its daytime green color is well used to promote success. It is said to be good for treatment of the nervous system by aiding in the regeneration of nervous tissue cells.

A great gemstone for meditation, Alexandrite helps to connect emotional and mental state during astral travel. It is used to connect the third eye, heart and base chakras.

For the month of June the two Zodiac signs are Gemini from May 22nd to June 21st and Cancer from June 22nd to July 22nd. The various birthstones are as follows:

Modern: Pearl & Moonstone
Traditional: Alexandrite
Mystical: Moonstone
Ayurevdic: Pearl
Hebrew: Emerald
Roman: Emerald
Ancient Arabic: Pearl, Agate & Chalcedony
Hindu: Pearl
Talismanic: Emerald

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