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Amazonite’s colors range from yellow-green to blue green and may have white streaks. It is a type of green Microcline and is a Feldspar mineral. Commonly found to be turquoise in color, it is also found occasionally to be pink or blue. Sometimes yellow, creamy whites or gray areas can be seen streaking through it. In it’s blue green form it is often confused with Jade. It can be found in Australia, Brazil, Namibia, Russia, the United States and Zimbabwe.

Amazonite is a wonderful worry stone as it helps to sooth and calm the nervous system by dispelling negative energy. It can encourage self confidence and is an excellent stone for women in the workplace. It is also said to help absorb calcium to help with problems with teeth or osteoporosis, as well as muscle spasms due to poor calcium absorption.

Amazonite is a great stone for communication with others, helping every one involved in conveying thoughts correctly. It is used to connect the throat and heart Chakras.

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