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A Diamond is a mineral composed exclusively of pure carbon, is the hardest natural substance and is formed at 2,000 degrees Celsius. Its Greek name is Adamas, meaning 'I subdue' or 'I tame'. Usually thought of as clear, a Diamond can be an intense canary yellow, pink, green, purplish, blue, red, black, brown and orange. This is due to inclusions such as nitrogen in the case of yellow or boron in the case of blue. Diamonds are the only gemstone that will vanish to form carbon dioxide when heated to a red hot.

Until the fifteenth century, Diamonds were reserved for Royalty. In the thirteenth century, only known to Kings, Louis IX of France (1422-1450) forbade women, along with Queens and Princesses to adorn themselves with Diamonds. Cutting of Diamonds became popular in the fourteenth century in Europe and India, thus becoming the gemstone that we know today.

The Koh-i-Noor Diamond has the longest traced history, it was 186 carats and begin its journey in 1304. At this time it was in possession of the rajahs of Malwa. Then in 1526 ended up in the hands of the Mogul dynasty and passed down the Moguls line until 1739 when Nadir Shah of Persia invaded India. When Nadir Shah came to possess the Diamond he is said to exclaimed “Koh-i-Noor”, meaning “Mountain of Light. At some point after this, a Persian king fled to the Sikh court with the Koh-i-Noor. The gemstone was then taken by the East India Company after the Sikh wars as part of the indemnity levied in 1849, and soon after presented to Queen Victoria. At that time she had the Koh-i-Noor cut to 108.93 carat oval brilliant. It is now on view in the Tower of London, set in the Queen Mother’s crown.

In a mid-fifteenth century Sanskrit manuscript, Diamonds are noted to protect its owner. The gemstones were believed to protect the wearer against poisons, sickness, evil spirits, thieves, ghosts, nightmares and serpents. There was a Hindu belief that a flawed and imperfect Diamond could cause lameness and jaundice. It was said to bring strength, courage and even bring victory in battle. It was a symbol for purity between a husband and wife and was thought that the Diamond would loose its magical potency because of a sin committed by its wearer. For several hundred years it was believed that a Diamond had gender and was labeled male or female based on its color, dark being male and light being female. There was even a belief in the mid-fifteen hundreds held by Francois Ruet that a male and female Diamond together could produce offspring.

When obtaining a Diamond it should be purified before being worn. The gemstone is among the most powerful absorbers of energy, including thoughts and emotions, picking up positive and negative energy from those who handle it. You should cleanse your Diamonds more often than your other gemstones. Its healing properties include stabilizing your metabolism and improvement of vision. Used in an elixir, it is said to be useful in conditions concerning the head, such as tumors and epilepsy. In the case of men, Diamonds are found to be helpful with sexual dysfunction. Healers often wear Diamonds while working to heal so as to maintain their own purity. The purity of a Diamond makes it very powerful in aiding the healing processes of most illnesses and diseases. It also promotes strong love of ones self and of others while deepening a feeling of harmony and serenity. It encourages creativity, innovation while supporting the intellect. By opening one self up to purity and fidelity it promotes trust and security within a relationship. A Diamond is among the most logical of choices for opening the Crown Chakra. Through balance, harmony and purity the Crown Chakra is linked to the powers of the Universe and to the Divine healing powers.

For the month of April the two Zodiac signs are Aries from March 21st to April 20th and Taurus from April 21st to May 21st. The various birthstones are as follows:

Modern: Diamond
Traditional: Diamond
Mystical: Opal
Ayurvedic: Diamond
Hebrew: Sapphire
Roman: Sapphire
Ancient Arabic: Sapphire
Hindu: Diamond
Talismanic: Topaz

For the month of August the two Zodiac signs are Leo from July 23rd to August 23rd and Virgo from August 24th to September 22nd. The various birthstones are as follows:

Modern: Peridot
Traditional: Sardonyx
Mystical: Diamond
Ayurevdic: Sapphire
Hebrew: Carnelian
Roman: Carnelian
Ancient Arabic: Sardonyx
Hindu: Ruby
Talismanic: Diamond

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